Iman, an experienced educational psychologist,
leads Soothing Hearts with a passion for compassionate counseling.
With over a decade of expertise, she helps children and teens heal, navigate challenges, and build resilience.

Amplifying the Unique Stories of Children and Teens

Every child and teen has a unique story to tell. At Soothing Hearts, we make sure their stories are heard, understood, and honored.
Together, we can turn challenges into stepping stones for growth and resilience.”
– Iman

Every Child Carries A Unique World Within Them

At Soothing Hearts, we strive to understand that world, to guide them through their emotional journey.

We are Committed To Delivering Personalized Counseling Services That Promote Resilience, Wellbeing, And A Brighter Future For Every Child And Teen we Serve.

“Empowering Hearts,
Inspiring Minds”


Soothing Hearts is dedicated to providing compassionate,
personalized counseling and guidance services to children, teens, and parents. We aim to create a safe, supportive virtual space where every individual is heard, understood, and guided towards emotional growth and healing.


Our vision is to become a leading online resource and support center for child and teen mental health. We aspire to foster an environment of understanding and acceptance, promoting emotional well being and resilience among children, teens, and their families globally.

“Guiding Values: Compassion, Integrity, Respect, and Innovation”


We approach every situation with kindness and understanding, acknowledging the unique experiences and feelings of each individual.


We honor the individuality and personal journey of every child,
teen, and parent we work with, fostering an environment of mutual respect.


We continually seek to integrate the latest research and therapeutic techniques into our practice, offering the best support possible.

Our Goals

Empowering Emotional Growth

To provide high-quality, personalized counseling services to children and
teens, addressing their unique emotional challenges and fostering resilience and emotional growth.

Empowering Parents

To offer supportive consultation services to parents, equipping them with the strategies and knowledge
they need to effectively support their children’s emotional wellbeing.

Community Education

To conduct regular workshops and webinars that educate the community about child and teen mental health,
and provide practical guidance for parents and caregivers.