a brighter future for every child and teen we serve

we empower children and teens to explore their thoughts & feelings to heal emotional wounds

We are committed to delivering personalized counseling services that promote resilience, wellbeing, and a brighter future for every child and teen I serve.

Individual Counseling for Children and Teens

This program offers personalized sessions where the child or teen has a safe space to explore their feelings and challenges with a skilled counselor. The counselor uses a range of therapeutic techniques, tailored to each individual’s unique situation. The issues addressed might include but are not limited to, self-esteem, anger management, coping with grief, dealing with bullying, or navigating academic pressures.

Parent Consultation

This program is designed to equip parents with the tools and strategies they need to support their children effectively. Sessions might cover understanding child and teen development, communication techniques, strategies for managing specific behavioral issues, or advice on fostering a positive home environment.

Group Counseling

This program provides an opportunity for children and teens to interact with peers who may be experiencing similar challenges. Conducted in a secure and moderated environment, these sessions can help participants realize that they are not alone in their feelings or experiences. Group sessions often use activities and discussions to facilitate shared learning and support.

Workshops & Webinars

These are educational events intended to provide parents, caregivers, and even children and teens with valuable information on various topics related to mental health, parenting, and child development. Workshops might be interactive, offering hands-on activities or discussion sessions. Webinars can be presented live online, and potentially recorded for later viewing. Topics might range from understanding the impact of social media on teen mental health to effective strategies for supporting a child through academic stress, to the latest research in child and adolescent psychology.