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These events aim to foster a better understanding of these issues in the community and provide practical, applicable advice for attendees.


These are educational events intended to provide parents, caregivers, and even children and teens with valuable information on various topics related to mental health, parenting, and child development. Workshops might be interactive, offering hands-on activities or discussion sessions.

Workshop 1
Understanding Child and Teen Anxiety
Workshop 2
Promoting A Growth Mindset at Home
Workshop 3
Communication with Children and Teens
Workshop 4
Online Safely: A Guide for Parents
Workshop 5
Bullying: Prevention and Intervention
Workshop 6
Brain Based Learning in Classroom Setting
Workshop 7
Mindfulness for Kids Cultivating Awareness
Workshop 8
Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child
Workshop 9
Sibling Rivalry Navigating Conflict
Workshop 10
Effective Conflict Resolution: Skills for a Harmonious Home
Why work with Iman?

Unlocking Potential

Expertise and Experience

Iman brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in child and teen counseling, having worked with different cultures and backgrounds.

Personalized Approach

Iman’s approach is child-centered and individualized. She understands that each child is unique, and tailors her methods to fit their needs and personality.

Comprehensive Support

Iman equips through her workshops, parents, caregivers, and organizations, with the right strategies and tips to create a positive environment.