1.Understand the online landscape and its potential dangers.
2.Learn about privacy settings and how to use them effectively.
3.Develop strategies to guide children and teens towards respectful digital
citizenship 4.Gain resources for ongoing learning and guidance in online safety


Session 1: Understanding the Online Landscape: Overview of the digital world
children and teens engage in.
Session 2: Online Dangers: Recognizing potential online threats and how to
mitigate them.
Session 3: Privacy Settings: Learning how to set and maintain privacy settings
across various platforms.
Session 4: Cultivating Digital Citizenship: Strategies to guide children towards
respectful online behavior.
Session 5: Q&A and Interactive Discussion: Opportunity for participants to ask
questions and share experiences.


1.A Certificate of Completion.
2.A workshop guide with key insights, strategies, and resources for online safety.
3.Access to an online forum for continued support and knowledge sharing.

What steps can parents and caregivers take to ensure the online safety of their children in today’s digital age?

: Parents and caregivers can ensure the online safety of their children by establishing clear rules and boundaries, educating them about safe online practices, monitoring their online activities, fostering open communication, using parental control tools, and staying informed about the latest online trends and risks. By taking these proactive steps, parents can help create a safer digital environment for their children.


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6 hours (split over multiple days)


Parents, Caregivers, Educators, anyone interested in child and teen mental health.