1.Understand the concept of a growth mindset and its benefits.
2.Learn to differentiate between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset.
3.Gain practical strategies to encourage a growth mindset at home.
4.Learn how to praise effort rather than innate ability to foster resilience.


Session 1: Introduction to Growth Mindset: Understanding its concept and
Session 2: Growth vs. Fixed Mindset: Identifying the differences and their
Session 3: Strategies to Promote a Growth Mindset: Practical ways to
encourage perseverance and a love for learning.
Session 4: The Power of Praise: Understanding how to use praise effectively to
foster resilience.
Session 5: Q&A and Interactive Discussion: Opportunity for participants to ask
questions and share experiences


1.A Certificate of Completion.
2.A workshop guide containing key insights, strategies, and additional resources.
3.Access to an online forum for continued support and knowledge sharing.

How can you promote a growth mindset at home?

To promote a growth mindset at home, you can create a positive learning environment by celebrating effort and progress, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth, teaching the power of “yet,” modeling a growth mindset yourself, encouraging reflection and self-assessment, and emphasizing the value of effort and perseverance.