1.Understand the concept of emotional intelligence and its importance in a
child’s development 2.Learn strategies to nurture emotional intelligence in children.
3.Understand how to handle challenging emotional situations and foster
emotional resilience in children


Session 1: What is Emotional Intelligence?: Understanding emotional
intelligence and its impact on a child’s development.
Session 2: The Role of Emotional Intelligence: Exploration of how emotional
intelligence influences a child’s social interactions, academic success, and
overall well-being.
Session 3: Nurturing Emotional Intelligence: Learning techniques to foster
emotional intelligence in children.
Session 4: Handling Emotional Challenges: Strategies to help children navigate
difficult emotions and develop emotional resilience.
Session 5: Q&A and Interactive Discussion: Opportunity for participants to ask
questions and share experiences


1. A Certificate of Completion. 2. A workshop guidebook containing key insights, strategies, and additional
resources for raising an emotionally intelligent child. 3.Access to an online forum for continued support and knowledge sharing.

How can parents and caregivers foster emotional intelligence in children to support their healthy emotional development and understanding?

: Parents and caregivers can cultivate emotional intelligence in children by teaching them to identify and express their emotions, actively listening and validating their feelings, encouraging empathy and perspective-taking, modeling healthy emotional regulation, providing opportunities for problem-solving and conflict resolution, and promoting a safe and nurturing environment for open communication. By practicing these strategies, we can support children in developing a strong foundation of emotional intelligence, fostering understanding and healthy emotional growth.


Discounted price for the first 5 registrations


6 hours (split over multiple days)


Parents, Caregivers, Educators, and anyone interested in promoting
mindfulness in children.