1.Understand the root causes and dynamics of sibling rivalry.
2.Learn strategies to manage sibling rivalry effectively.
3.Understand how to foster healthier and more harmonious relationships among


Session 1: Sibling Rivalry Uncovered: Understanding the dynamics and root
causes of sibling rivalry.
Session 2: Recognizing Sibling Rivalry: Identifying the signs of sibling rivalry and
understanding its impacts on family dynamics.
Session 3: Managing Sibling Rivalry: Practical strategies for managing conflict
among siblings and promoting fair resolution.
Session 4: Fostering Harmony: Techniques to encourage positive interactions and
build stronger relationships among siblings.
Session 5: Q&A and Interactive Discussion: Opportunity for participants to ask
questions and share experiences


1.A Certificate of Completion.
2.A workshop guidebook containing key insights, strategies, and additional
resources for understanding and managing sibling rivalry. 3.Access to an online forum for continued support and knowledge sharing.

How can parents foster harmony and effectively manage sibling rivalry between their children?

Parents can effectively manage sibling rivalry and foster harmony between siblings by setting clear expectations for behavior, encouraging open communication, teaching conflict resolution skills, promoting individual strengths and shared interests, fostering a sense of fairness, providing opportunities for quality time together, and modeling positive behaviors and problem-solving techniques. By implementing these strategies, parents can create a supportive and harmonious environment that nurtures positive sibling relationships.


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6 hours (split over multiple days)


Parents, Caregivers, Educators, and anyone interested in promoting
mindfulness in children.