1.Understand anxiety in children and teens.
2.Learn to identify signs of anxiety.
3.Discover strategies to support those experiencing anxiety.
4.Understand the role of caregivers and educators in supporting mental health.


Session 1: Introduction to anxiety in children and teens.
Session 2: Recognizing signs and impact of anxiety.
Session 3: Exploration of support strategies.
Session 4: Role of caregivers and educators.
Session 5: Q&A and interactive discussion


1.A Certificate of Completion.
2.A workshop handbook with key insights and resources.
3.Access to an online forum for post-workshop support.

Is your child suffering from anxiety?

This hands-on workshop aims to educate parents, caregivers, and educators about child and teen anxiety. Participants will learn to identify signs of anxiety, understand its impact, and explore effective support strategies.


Discounted price for the first 5 registrations


6 hours (split over multiple days)


Parents, Caregivers, Educators, and anyone interested in promoting
mindfulness in children.